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  • We welcome all investors of the new program Cryptopatriots Limited.

    09 07 19

    We did not go against the policy of Facebook, namely to advertise the cryptocurrency market, as everything has been already well advertised. And we reserved the right to have a Twitter account in order to release the latest news along with the news page of the site, and of course, everyone’s favorite and proven Telegram Chat – so we created a supergroup, so feel free to add, discuss and share your experience. Advertising third-party links, SPAM, profane language, racism in any of its manifestations, provocations and trolling are prohibited there; such activity is punished by a ban and deleting from the group. All systems are well-adjusted and have anti-DDoS servers. So, press the Registration button on the site and go ahead for the victories!

    And one more thing, the whole our team asks you not to pay attention to statements from outside addressed to the company concerning a high percentage or “too high percentage”. According to our experience, we always paid regularly and even in hard-forks. Those who say the opposite in their chats on thematic blogs either cannot count or we did not pay them for the mini review – most likely the second.